Local Court
of New South Wales
Notice of Pleading
Criminal Procedure Act 1986 (section 182)
Important information for people on bail
Due to COVID-19, Local Court arrangements allow people on bail to submit their plea in writing using this form. Please ensure contact details are provided and the court is regularly updated as to any changes in details. You (and your client) will be contacted if and when you need to physically attend the court.
1.     If your client has a physical impairment, or requires an interpreter to assist at Court, please advise the Local Court at which you are to appear as soon as possible. You can include these details in the text component of this form or upload a document discussing their needs.
2.     If your client has been charged by the Police, then the Police Officer responsible for investigating the alleged offence/s will, on request, make arrangement for a language interpreter to assist your client at Court.
3.     Failure to appear when directed may result in your clients arrest or in the matter being dealt with in your (and your clients) absence.
Completing this form
Complete this form only if you want to lodge a plea in writing on behalf of your client instead of attending court on the day the proceedings are listed.
When the court must get this form
You must make sure that the Court receives this form before the date of the court listing shown in the Court Attendance Notice.
Once this form has been submitted you will receive a confirmation email. You will receive notice from the Court within 5 working days of the current listing.
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